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Friday Favourite: Being a Guest Contributor on Bridal Musings!

For those of you who are wedding blog addicts (like me), you may have noticed I’ve gone ‘to the other side’ this morning.  Fortunately ‘the other side’ is a pretty, peachy, love-heart filled place, full of beautiful weddings from the UK and across the pond, inspirational ideas and the latest wedding must-haves. And all put together by a rather lovely lady called Elizabeth.

Yes, I am VERY happy to announce that I am the new Wedding Dress Expert over on Bridal Musings (oh yes, I said ‘expert’- who’s sniggering??), and my first post is up today.

Screen Shot 2013-01-25 at 10.24.47

Now for the beady-eyed and loyal readers amongst you, you may notice that this post has, erm, some similarities (read: it’s pretty much exactly the same) to this little post from nearly a year ago

Well, you know what?  I was very proud of that little post.  And although it’s had more views in the last 10 months than I ever dreamed it would when I first started The Utter Blog, that number is only a fraction of the readership that Elizabeth gets over on Bridal Musings.  And as I’ve been harping on about for the last few weeks… sharing is caring!

So why don’t you pop on over and see my words on a real-life proper wedding blog? We are slap bang in the middle of peak dress-buying season, so my Top Tips will hopefully be of help to a whole host of brides-to-be. I’ll be contributing to Bridal Musings once a month from now on, covering a range of dress-related topics, from styles to suit different body shapes, the latest bridal trends, and oodles and oodles of insider know-how. And if anyone wants me to write about something in particular, then just let me know!

LOTS of love and virtual high fives all round,

Sama xxx

Sama x

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8 Responses to “Friday Favourite: Being a Guest Contributor on Bridal Musings!”

  1. MrsBiffy

    Hi Sama. How exciting! It’s not a blog that I’ve looked at before (how the hell has that happened?!) but I’ll be checking in daily from now on in. A dress problem that I would love you to tackle is what to wear as a cover up? I’m getting married in May and I’m worried I will freeze to death, can you advise on some cover-ups?

  2. theutterblog

    Thanks Elizabeth! And Mrs Biffy- very good question. We get asked this a lot at la boutique, and it can be tricky… if you want something that looks like it’s meant to be with the dress. If your dress doesn’t come with an optional shrug/bolero than it’s very hard to get matching lace etc. So we tend to advise go bold, be different! Treat yourself to a beautiful pashmina you’ll wear again like in the link Elizabeth posted. Or add a splash of colour with a really simple cardigan like this stunning bride: http://greenweddingshoes.com/an-intimate-california-elopement-sarah-lou/

    But hey, I’m in May too and I won’t allow it to be chilly! I figure we’ll be high on sugar/love/adrenaline/alcohol that if it were a bit nippy we wouldn’t care anyway. Having said that, I’ve seen some awesome images of brides with their husbands’ suit jackets over their shoulders, or even a cute denim jacket! Super chilled, super cool xx

  3. MrsBiffy

    Hey Sama, Re May Weather: Thanks for keeping that in check for me, I’ll tick that off my list of to-do’s! ;o)


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