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DIY Wedding Make-Up: Trials & Tribulations

This week wedding make-up has taken over my life.

Seriously, if I’ve not been in a shop having make-up applied, then I’ve been at home watching beauty tutorials on the internet. And if I’ve not been watching beauty tutorials on the internet, I’ve been seeking out review after review of ‘the best’ wedding day foundation or the longest-lasting coral lipstick. And if I’ve not been devouring reviews, I’ve been stalking Lisa Eldridge, or plucking my eyebrows in to ‘the perfect shape’, or having wild, anxiety-ridden make-up dreams, or trying not to touch the MASSIVE spot that has appeared on my chin since becoming so face obsessed.

It all started with the Lisa Eldridge videos.

A colleague told me about her video tutorials and I’ve since watched hundreds of the damn things. I say this contemptuously but only because they’re so addictive. Lisa Eldridge is a make-up goddess. She’s also beautiful, warm, knowledgeable and has a Cindy Crawford-esque mole which I find myself staring at enviously as she applies concealer to her spots. Excuse me, ‘blemishes’.

However, Lisa Eldridge alone isn’t going to get me looking like a make-up goddess on my wedding day. She’s given me lots of product knowledge and application tips (sweep those brushes back and forth to blend in, ladies, not just one way!) but she can’t tell me which products will work best specifically for my skin. For this I needed to go for a proper make-up trial…

…which is how I found myself at the Bobbi Brown counter in House of Fraser on Friday morning, make-up free and demanding that someone make me look half decent before I even contemplate doing any shopping.

Bare-faced and, erm, wearing the same top I wore in my last make-up post...

Bare-faced and, erm, wearing the same top I wore in my last make-up post…

It was a fabulous make-up lesson, I have to say. The Bobbi Brown ethos is that beauty begins with good skin so I had all kinds of creams applied before we actually started on the make-up. Then, having shown her a couple of images, a nice lady called Gurpreet created ‘a look’ for me, talking me though every step of the way in terms of what product she was using and why.

Brief: I want to look like her and I'm wearing that on my head... please.

Brief: I want to look like her and I’m wearing that on my head… please.

The result was impressive, and although I hated the foundation (it felt way too heavy and was too ‘visible’ on my skin) I was sold with a few of the products she used. An hour and £90 later I left with a moisturiser-come-primer that felt amazingly soft on my skin, a super long-lasting and award-winning gel eyeliner, a cream shadow stick that keeps your eye make-up in place all day (and it really did- 12 hours later and it hadn’t budged), and a pretty sparkle eyeshadow in a shade called ‘Ballet’ (my one regret- it’s VERY subtle for £20 but I, as you should know by now, am an unfortunate sucker for sparkle).

Only for your wedding day can you spend silly money, right…?


The Bobbi Brown look. Ignore the hair.

However, a primer is nigh on useless without a foundation to hold on to, so a couple of days later and back to Bluewater I went, this time sitting myself down at the Chanel counter as I’d read so much about their VitaLumiere foundation, and apologising profusely for the ma-hoosive spot on the chin. This trial wasn’t as thorough as Bobbi Brown, but I preferred the foundation and the lighter look overall (despite the worst mascara application I have ever experienced- cloggy spiders legs, anyone?).

A couple of days later.

The Chanel look. Slightly better hair.

What do you think? Is my instinct right or is the heavier look better?? (And sincere apologies for the consistently smug smile; believe it or not it’s my ‘neutral face’.)

The foundation hunt continues though. I don’t know if it’s just because we’ve had the Longest Winter Ever, but my skin has felt unusually dry recently and I want a foundation that not only feels but looks dewy and creamy on the skin. Natural, dewy and creamy. And long-lasting. The VitaLumiere Aqua by Chanel was nice… but up close my skin still looked a bit powdery and dry. Any recommendations??

I’d like to share my whole Wedding Day Make-up Kit with you once it’s been purchased, perhaps with a self-application test run… but I think that’s enough of my face for now. Some of you may be eating.

In other news, Paul had a very successful stag night on Saturday (involving a mankini- enough said), and it’s my turn to party on down this weekend. Once we’ve got the bootcamp aspect out of the day that is. Gulp. Do you reckon it’s possible to lose half a stone in one session?! I’ll let you know next week.

Sama xxx


Sama x

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15 Responses to “DIY Wedding Make-Up: Trials & Tribulations”

  1. MrsBiffy

    Hi Sama. Chanel, deffo! Gorgeous, and what a beautiful pout you have, my lips disappear when I smile – sigh….
    I had my trial at Mac and bought the lot, it sounds quite a bit cheaper than Bobby brown. They recommended minerals foundation and a primer, I had a test run for our engagement shoot on Saturday and it looked Ok, a tiny dry patch on my cheek, but I will exfoliate that off. Most importantly I didn’t feel like I would leave my impression on my intended’s shoulder during the pics, always a bonus! xx

    • theutterblog

      Haha! I always think the Mac girls are SO made up though they put me off. A couple of recommendations for them on here though so I think they may be next… When’s your wedding? x

  2. Maya

    Hi Sama. Avid reader here – Mac’s studio tinted moisturiser is pretty great, i use a thin layer daily and then layer it up for better coverage on night out, and it doesn’t feel heavy at all.

    Do you know how you’re having your nails? Saw this Lauren Conrad post (link below) and thought of you, they’re all lovely but the bohemian ones would go perfectly with your shoes.xx


    • theutterblog

      They so would! I’ve actually done the ‘bohemian’ look to myself before and love it. At the moment though I’m favouring block colours… Well I’ve got a gellish/shellac type thing booked for a couple of days before and I don’t think they do glitter yet! Boo. x

  3. Hazelburfordmakeup

    Hey! You’ve got to love Bobbi!!! We makeup artists are a little sneaky.. When it comes to bases I’d expect to use a couple of different things to create a more natural finish. Try s tinted moisturiser all over and then a stuck foundation on the areas you need extra coverage, usually t zone. Then use fingers AFTER brushes to ‘push’ the foundation into place. It stops it looking like it’s on top of the skin.. Good luck!

  4. tietheknotblog

    Hi Sama I didn’t like the colour of mac foundation when I looked so decided on Dior in the end which is amazing! Had a trial in selfridges and it looked perfect!!

  5. Sarah

    I don’t like the first one… it makes your skin look really old. Foundation should always be lighter than your natural skin tone, if anything. Vitalumiere Aqua is a ridiculous foundation… I bought it in replacement of a Chanel favourite of mine that they discontinued, but the whole ‘Aqua’ bit is a con… like you say, it sinks into your skin, feels powdery and literally highlights any slight speck of dryness. I ended up forking out for another bottle…Vitalumiere (note the lack of Aqua) in a glass bottle, and it is much, much better. Good coverage and stays put. Alternatively, Clinique does AMAZING tinted moisturiser called ‘Moisture Surge’, which actually covers better than most foundations I’ve tried.There’s my bit. Over and out.

  6. Jo

    It’s hard to tell in the pics but I think you look more “dewy” [this is a positive term] in the bobbi.
    I have used a Chanel foundation and it has luminere in the title. It was lovely… And for one that doesn’t wear a jot of foundation normally that is saying something. But. It used to whiten my face out in photos… Which is something you don’t want!

    Ps I now use bare minerals. I LOVE it. Lots of powdery layering that doesn’t look powdery on completion, some warmth around the face/on the cheeks and some radiance sparkly on the cheekbones. Don’t bother with the “mineral veil” if you try it. I don’t get it myself. Its a bit more labour intensive using pots of powders… but my skin always looks better in photos because of it. Cons… Careful of foundation powders and ivory clothing.

  7. Amanda

    Hello Sama. I used “Estee Lauder Double Wear Light” foundation. It really is light, and it looks very natural. But it is true that you will be photographed during the day, you want it to last, and you want it to look more *dramatic* for it to look good in photos . I think a photographer can advice you better on whether this is really needed, but I know that that is the reason why they use really heavy makeup for theater: you have to be able to see it from a far. You also want it not too melt, and to last the whole day. I have oily skin so translucent powder to seal it and absorb shine is a must.
    Another very important thing is to get a foundation WITHOUT SPF, these foundations reflect light and you will end up looking white as a ghost.
    I do personally like the Chanel look better, but I am left wondering if heavier makeup is really necessary (I just had a styled photoshoot for the business I’m starting, normally I don’t wear makeup at all on everyday life, for this I wore some (Foundation, peach blush, peach lip stain, eyeliner) and you do see it, but natural.
    So I would recommend asking your photographer (the fact that your wedding is outside might play a role)

  8. mazzimaz

    I’m going to come back and read everyone else’s comments but just wanted to say quickly both looks are gorgeous, Bobbi looks slighty more dewey but could be the camera light etc. and actually prefer the minimal look of the chanel. AND Clinique moisture surge tinted moisturiser is amazeballs! It was formerly their “Almost make up” product circ 2001 i think and i’ve transitioned into the moisture surge version over the years looking for something with a bit more coverage but with a dewey element of a tinted moisturiser. Try it!

  9. Sara

    Found your blog when looking for bridal makeup pics – got a lesson today. I loved the bobbi look on you but prefer the softer Chanel one I think. My favourite foundation is no 7 stay perfect – not expensive, great range of colours and lasts!


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