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Pimp My Jars: Spray Paint and Glittery Goodness

Well hello there!

Ahh, the last bank holiday of the summer is over- sob! I do hope you all did lovely things.  I spent the weekend in Oxford for my step-sister’s wedding (remember this engagement shoot from a few months ago?).  Twas a wonderful day with the only rain falling pouring just before the ceremony was due to begin.  I shall be bringing you a full report when the professional photos are ready, don’t you worry.

In the meantime I spent yesterday getting my craft on with the help of my bridesmaid, Nicola.  First and foremost this is NOT a How To post-  a) I didn’t take enough pictures, and b) the finished products didn’t turn out quite as ‘polished’ as I would have liked…

But here’s a list of what I used anyway:

  • Martha Stewart Glitter Acylic Craft paint (recommended by Something Turquoise and ordered online)
  • Martha Stewart pouncers (the little spongey things- also bought online)
  • Plasti-Kote Enamel Spray Paint in Glitter Gold and Matte Black (from Hobbycraft)
  • Stencil tape
  • A paint tray
  • Gold leaves (also from Hobbycraft but not used because I forgot to buy the gilding paste!)

The Inspiration:

I was using several images from t’internet as my inspiration.  First up I loved what Jen from Something Turquoise had done to these champagne flutes, and secondly the combination of black, gold and wood was turning me on from this New Years Eve Inspiration shoot as seen on The Sweetest Occasion.

Swoon! Enjoy those images above as it gets a little less professional from here…

My finished pimped glass collection:

1. I love the ‘dipped’ look of those champagne flutes so these block colour jars were my attempts at something similar.  They actually turned out pretty well, although you have to allow time for the glitter paint to dry in between coats as the glue is white when it first goes on which can be a bit misleading!

2. Holy Moly, is it Gay Pride? No it’s just Nicola and I getting creative.  The trick here (as well as allowing drying time between coats) is to apply your stencil tape very carefully making sure the tape is thoroughly stuck down to stop any paint slipping underneath! As happened to me several times.  Nicola was much more renegade than me and didn’t bother with stencil tape at all, although they still turned out pretty good.

3. … And I think my favourite pieces of the day- the glittery black bottles.  Whether these will hold the table numbers or a big old hydrangea head I’m not quite sure, but there will definitely be one on each table.  (And will tie in with the black chiavari chairs I’ve ordered.)

So, three hours and a lot of fun later, my glass collection has gone from this…

… to this:

Colourful, sparkly and completely camp but I love them.  Whether the whole collection will be used I don’t yet know, but with flowers in and in such rustic surroundings I think hope they will work.

What do you think? Which is your favourite?

Sama xxx



Sama x

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6 Responses to “Pimp My Jars: Spray Paint and Glittery Goodness”

  1. Alex Guard

    If you used empty guiness bottles you wouldn’t have to paint the top half. I think i shall dip all my beer bottles in glitter before drinking them from now on.

  2. Organise A Hen

    Love this! My favourite are the bottles, but you could scale up the size of the jars to make table decorations for the wedding at a Crafty Hen do? A great DIY option.


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