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Defining My Wedding Style

So I have a scrapbook.  And whenever I have something to plan and get excited about I stick lots of magazine images in it.  (As do most other people who own scrapbooks- jeez, talk about stating the obvious.)  Before we bought our house I became addicted to interior magazines, and filled said scapbook with beautiful images of how I wanted our house to look. (Note: what we could afford was a whole other matter.)  The scrapbook has recently come out again and starting from the other end, it’s now full of beautiful images that are inspiring me for the wedding.

Par exemple…

A page from my scrapbook

When it comes to blogging though, the scrapbook becomes nigh on useless; so I turn to the online wonder that is Pinterest.  As I’m sure most of you know, Pinterest is an online pinboard which enables you to ‘pin’ images from all over the net or your own computer to your own personal ‘board’- thus becoming a wonderful place for collecting image inspiration (or pinspiration– ba boom).  Pinterest is addictive; consider yourself warned.

So what’s my wedding inspiration then?  Well, as you can see from the image above it’s… hmm, how shall I put this… a colourful mess?  Colourful and eclectic?  A little bit boho, a little bit glam… with lots of colour?  (Gah- I give up.)

Here are some images from around the wedding world which are turning me on right now:

Annika Ericson via Style Me Pretty

Hello stunning swags.  I think something like this for the ceremony would be just beautiful.  I’m picturing walking up the aisle beneath them and standing in front of them whilst we say our vows.

Fresh In Love Photography via 100 Layer Cake

This colourful streamer background is just the bee’s knees.  I attempted one of these for my step-sisters wedding back in November but it wasn’t nearly as beautiful! Colourful backdrop or simple swags though?? I don’t know if the two will go together…

Photographer unkown, via Pinterest

I love lights.  I want to fill The Great Barn with lights.  Nuff said.

Michele M Waite via Green Wedding Shoes

Sparkly gold table cloths, people.  It’s kitsch and fun and I love it.  I don’t know if Paul will actually allow me to have sparkly gold table cloths but there will be gold accents around to compliment the colour and generally add an element of glam.

Photographer unkown, via Pinterest

There’s an orchard at our venue where we will have drinks after the ceremony.  These fun and whimsical tree streamers will liven up the (hopefully) in-bloom blossom trees.

This bride had a stunning wedding (see here) which she described as ‘a colourful Mexican fiesta combined with a bohemian British countryside look’.  I think me and her are kindred spirits and I LOVE her hair and flower garland combo.

Sarah & Simon Photography via Rock n’ Roll Bride

Photographer unknown, via Pinterest

I love poppies and daisies.  They’re simple, pretty and remind me of the British countryside.  Mix them with the luscious reds and pinks and corals in the arrangement above and you’ve pretty much got my ideal wedding flowers (plus a blue hydrangea or two).

Photographer unknown, via Pinterest

It’s a neon ‘Love’ sign.  It’s kitsch, it’s camp, it’s brilliant and I want one.  Please.

So there you have it.  It turns out I’m aiming for an eclectic and colourful, boho-glam style affair.  It also turns out that I’m massively influenced by the American blogs which is all well and good for inspiration, but when it comes to suppliers…  well, they’re quite far away aren’t they?  Are there any English suppliers out there who hire out Parisian café style bistro chairs and bleached-wood tables?  No, no there isn’t.  I have the choice of, oooh, trestle or banquet.  I might have to ignore Paul’s cries and go and make myself some sparkly gold table cloths anyway…

Have a lovely weekend, folks, and thank you so much for dropping by and having a read this week.  It feels incredibly narcissistic to have written solely about myself and my own wedding plans thus far, but I aim to spread my wings and widen my topics of discussion as I slowly but surely get used to the minefield that is WordPress… starting with a snowy and beautifully-shot engagement shoot on Monday.

Sama xxx


Sama x

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  1. Eileen

    Hi Sama,
    I’m having a very similar wedding to yours but it’s at Court Lodge Barn in Kent. I’m currently trying to source festoon lights as I’m planning on focusing on the lighting with minimal other decorations. I’ve found great paper lanterns from the hanginglanterns.co.uk website but think i will probably have to hire festoon lights from somewhere. If you’re doing similar please can you advise me on where you got yours and how much i should expect to pay. Thanks and keep up the good work on the blog! 🙂 Hope your wedding day is brilliant! x


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