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Claire Pettibone Trunk Show at Blackburn Bridal Couture

Oh hello weekend! And hello dearest Uttersons…

I’m slipping in a cheeky little post today to publicize an extra-special event taking place at the boutique I work at next weekend.  Claire Pettibone is one of my favourite bridal designers, and I’m so lucky to work somewhere that not only stocks her beautiful creations, but is also her main UK stockist (and exclusive in London!).

The beautiful ‘Toulouse’ by Claire Pettibone

Claire’s bridal designs are the epitome of bohemian romance.  Soft, fluid, colourful, intricate, whimsical, delicately embellished and as light as a feather; season after season she brings out a collection that is a cut above the rest in terms of quality and originality… in my humble opinion, of course 😉

Queen Anne’s Lace by Claire Pettibone. Image by Sarah Gawler

Mystere by Claire Pettibone. Image by Gia Canali

Midnight by Claire Pettibone

Ok ok, so she does stunning dresses, but what’s this Trunk Show all about then?

Well, next weekend (Friday 5th and Saturday 6th October), Blackburn Bridal Couture will be hosting an event to showcase all three of her stunning collections: the Continuing Collection (with favourites such as Queen Anne’s Lace, Kristene and Willow), the 2012 french-inspired Beau Monde Collection, and her brand spanking new 2013 Windsor Rose China Collection.

Not only will there be over 40 dresses of hers to coo over and try on, but there are some fantastic suppliers coming along on the Saturday to bring a little extra je ne sais quoi.  Ana Ospina will be in store giving mini-makovers, Kate Ruth Romey will be showcasing her bespoke stationery creations, Rosalind Miller will be providing the cake (Claire Pettibone inspired of course), and Jay Archer will be on hand to talk boho blooms.

So this is a last call for all you discerning brides out there still searching for The Dress, as there are only a few Saturday slots left!  Got your dress already?  I bet you know someone who hasn’t… so spread the word and pass this post on.

Want more pretty? Oh go on then- here are some of our beautiful Claire Pettibone brides looking simply resplendent…

Rosie in ‘Juliet’- via Love My Dress

A high-fiving Rebecca in ‘Orange Blossom’- via Whimsical Wonderland Wedding

Laura in ‘Queen Anne’s Lace’- via Love My Dress

Gemma in ‘Mystere’- via Pocketful of Dreams

Katie Melua in ‘Arwen’- via OK Magazine

Yeah, that’s right. I just casually threw a celebrity in there. (And quite possibly the nicest I’ve ever met.)

There are only a few Saturday slots left, so to book your place at the Claire Pettibone Trunk Show next weekend (and spend an hour of your day with me, yay!) simply get in touch.

Enjoy the weekend, oh wonderful ones.

Sama xxx

Sama x

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