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Celebrity Wedding Dress of The Year?

I’m just going to come out and say it; I was a bit disappointed with Amal Alamuddin’s wedding dress.

amal-alamuddin-wedding-dress-photo-people-coverDon’t get me wrong, it’s a lovely dress, designed and constructed by the magnificent Oscar de la Renta who regularly dresses the world’s most beautiful women. And Amal looks gorgeous because she is a gorgeous woman… but let’s face it, she’d have looked gorgeous if she’d wrapped herself in bog roll and floated down the aisle.

I quite like the lace, I quite like the off-the-shoulder straps reminiscent of my favourite Disney princess, Belle, but I think that’s my problem: it’s classic, it’s sweet, it’s safe… it’s just a bit Disney. I suppose I expected something with a bit more chutzpah from the hugely accomplished, internationally-acclaimed human rights lawyer who has fascinated the world by winning the affections of Our Sexiest Bachelor. Isn’t safe just a bit boring?

There’s a ridiculously long train, of course, as there always is with stupidly expensive weddings. She can’t walk around freely, but MONEY HAS BEEN SPENT, PEOPLE. Although, of course, it’s highly unlikely she actually paid for her dress which leaves me wondering- is this lovely, lace confection truly reflective of Amal and her personality? Is this what Oscar de la Renta would have designed for a strong, chic, dynamic and HOT 36-year old woman should she not have been such a huge public figure and much-anticipated bride to be?

Perhaps. Perhaps Amal knew exactly what she wanted to wear on her wedding day and this was it. Perhaps I’ve got it all wrong and am just being unnecessarily critical. Perhaps she loves Beauty And The Beast as much as I do. Perhaps I’ve got a little wound up about just how much exposure and media hysteria their wedding created last week. I’m thrilled that they’ve found each other and I’m thrilled they’ve tied the knot. Best of luck to them; they seem genuinely happy and in love. But to make the 6pm news three days in a row? To have Susannah Reid flown to Venice to report on the lead-up? To tout this perfectly nice dress as The Wedding Dress Of The Year?? (Good Morning Britain, I’m talking to you.)

No. Not in my books. That accolade would go to the lovely Fearne Cotton, I reckon. For having the chutzpah to wear something cute, unique and oh-so pretty that represented her in every way, and for pulling it off with effortless aplomb.


Disagree? Who (or what) would win your Celebrity Wedding Dress of the Year?

Sama xxx



Sama x

5 Responses to “Celebrity Wedding Dress of The Year?”

  1. Victoria A

    Completely agree, Amal played it way too safe; she has the looks and figure to pull off those dresses that some of us can only dream about! I was equally disappointed with Katherine Jenkins’ Suzanne Neville dress, I felt it made her look top heavy – with her amazing hourglass figure she could have easily pulled off a more fitted number which I think would have been far more flattering on her 🙂 Fearne absolutely wins the prize for ‘Wedding Dress of the year’ in my books too – such a quirky, beautiful, fresh & fun dress – I bet it was amazing to spin round and dance in!

    • theutterblog

      Such a fun dress! And I couldn’t agree more about Katherine Jenkins. And while we’re at it- Angelina Jolie! The children’s drawings gave it a bit of personality but the dress itself was veeeeeery dull. Glad you’re with me, Victoria! xx

  2. jenminus100

    The fact that there are so many freeking options when it comes to wedding dresses just shows how diverse everyones tastes are. I agree that Amals dress is safe (and a little bit 80’s) and not really up my street but I can understand why people love it. I’m not a big fan of Fearnes dress either but only because it is something I wouldn’t choose for myself, I think it looks great on her and suits here so much better that a ‘traditional’ style.
    Olivia Palermo is my winner of dress of the year. I love that she wore her hair in a ponytail and had a jumper and skirt rather than a dress, all be it designed by Carolina Herrera, but not what the style pages were expecting.

    • theutterblog

      Oh my Lord, I freakin’ LOVED Olivia Palermo’s outfit/dress/two piece! She could have pipped Fearne to the post for me but I’ve read that she’s having a ‘proper wedding’ after whatever wedding she’s just had, so a bit miffed that the Caroline Herrera might just have been a ‘warm-up’ dress! You’re so right about choice though Jen, and of course it is totally subjective. Thanks for commenting! X


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