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Brighton Calling

As I type this I’m writing two word emails on my phone whilst trying to straighten my hair and eat my cereal at the same time.  Tomorrow is my best friend’s Hen Weekend in Brighton and it is aaaaall about last-minute plans today!

There are 18 of us in total, heading down for a weekend of fun, games and sun lashings of rain.  We’re staying in a beautiful big house in Kemp Town (only in Brighton can you hire a house for 16 for a reasonable price) and have lots of fun things planned…

Please can the weather be like this??

We had booked to go to Brighton Racecourse on the Saturday afternoon, as Louise (the Hen) loves horses and at a mere £6 each it was a bargain! But we found out on Tuesday that the meet had been cancelled, so it’s been a frantic last couple of days trying to arrange something else.  In the end we don’t want to ask people to spend another £40 each to have a dance lesson or anything like that- we’re in Brighton! London by the sea! So we shall head to the Pier and eat fish and chips and (hopefully) wind up in Preston Park for an egg and spoon race and a game of rounders. Followed by a night of more cocktails (or a couple of bottles of wine in my case) and hours of dancing.

How frightfully British 🙂

I can’t say much more as the Hen does have an occasional read, but I’m checking out early for a fun and phallus-filled weekend (oo-er!) and will be back next week.  With pictures, if you’re lucky.

Have great weekends everyone.

Sama xx

Sama x

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  1. Louise gouge

    It’s all about the willies! Can’t wait 🙂 so exciting to make it on to your blog xx


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