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Brighton Called…. It Wants It’s Sunshine Back

Well, a pretty bloody fantastic weekend was had in Brighton for my best friend’s Hen, despite the miserable weather cancelling the horse racing we had initally planned, and then the Sports Day we decided to do in it’s place as well!  Best Friend and Other Bridesmaid #2, Nicola, had even managed to get hold of a full-on golf-bag sized rounders kit for the occasion. Pesky rain.

So instead we spent a couple of hours on the Pier, before hitting good old Harry Ramsden’s just as the heavens opened, and then heading back to the lovely house we’d hired for a spot of Cranium and pizza.

This was preceded on the Friday night by the sinking of many cocktails and getting-to-know-each-other/ embarrassing-the-Hen type games which resulted in Louise looking like this…

A Louise/Keith Lemon hybrid that was thankfully kept indoors…

… And the weekend culminated in us getting our glad rags on and hitting the bars of Brighton hard, before winding up in… wait for it… Oceana??!!!  This was the Hen’s choice, not mine, but do you know what? It was ruddy brilliant, we all had a fantastic time, Louise and I enjoyed way too many flaming sambucas courtesy of a rather generous rugby player called Nik, and we had to be kicked out at the end of the night.

Saturday night and looking much more like her usual beautiful self!

A pretty successful Hen Weekend all in all.

Tomorrow I officially leave my mid-20’s and turn 28. Gulp. I’m working during the day (as with my Mum buggering off on her holidays and Paul being a teacher I have noone to play with- sniff!), but have dinner and drinks with friends planned in the evening which shall be luverly.



That’s, like, proper proper Adultdom. Excuse me while I go and mourn my youth…

Sama xxx

Sama x

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