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Bridesmaid Style: Skirts and Stripes

Skirt and top combos have been around for a while in the wedding world, but have never really taken off enough to be labelled ‘a trend’. It is, however, a bridesmaid look (and bridal look- but that’s a whole other blog post) that I absolutely, hands down adore. Why? Because it’s different. Because it’s effortless. Because it’s fun. Because, when done well, like in that corker of an image above, it’s back-to-basics-bohemian-chic-made-modern. Because it’s a brilliant way to add a splash of colour. Because it’s ruddy cool, that’s why. Just look at this lovely lot…

Image via Anjou Clothing

Image via Anjou Clothing

Pencil, floaty, maxi, floral, pleated, tulle, vintage or hand-made… the list is endless when it comes to choosing the skirt to put your maids in. The key is to make the skirt the statement, and team it with a simple, neutral top (white being the colour of choice in the majority of these images, although the black vests are my favourite) and the necessary accessories.

My personal feeling is that the floatier the skirt, the better when it comes to this look. The fluidity provides romance, youth and a bohemian elegance. It’s a look that I would LOVE to wear as a bridesmaid… but it doesn’t always work so well if you’re fuller on top. Hello boobs.

But you know what other bridesmaid look is all kinds of awesome?

Image via One Fab Day

Image via One Fab Day

Stripes! A bold, much more modern choice but one that packs a punch and can look super-chic. I particularly love the colour combination in the Stacey Hedman image above… but then I’m a sucker for a colourful bouquet. Unlike the floaty maxi skirt, I don’t think you can get away with flat shoes in a stripy number- it’s heels all the way  for this Parisienne-chic look- but when done well it’s a very cool statement for your bestest mates, wouldn’t you say?

Man! If only there was a bridesmaid crew who rocked stripes AND a floaty skirt…. oh hello!

Rock and roll. I LOVE it.

Would you put your maids in a skirt and top combo? Or would you dare to go statement in stripes?  Come on brides-to-be, tell me what your bestest girls wore or are wearing.. I’d love to know!

Sama xxx


Sama x