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Bohemian Delights: Hair Wreaths & Flower Garlands

So…. I have a fantasy.

Still from 'The Princess Bride'

In my fantasy life, I roam the plains of a ‘Lord of The Rings’-style landscape astride a beautiful dapple-grey horse; my long (thick) hair blowing gently in the wind, my bare feet poking out from beneath my skirt.  I sleep beneath the stars and sing arias by the light of the moon… (bear with me here, I’m on a roll).  I am usually some sort of gypsy princess, and, (with my romantic bohemian fantasy somehow blurring in to my ‘ideal acting role’) when the evil King comes looking for me, I dazzle him with my sword-fighting skills before jumping from the castle window on to my trusty steed and galloping off in to the sunset.

As I said- this is in my fantasy life.

In my real life (the slightly less romantic one), I roam the concrete hell that is the A2 on a daily basis, I own an ageing Ford Puma as opposed to a horse, and the closest I get to wearing a floral crown (see picture above) is in the accessories section of Primark- where they sell a plastic one for a pound, fellow Boho-lovers.


But that’s enough fantastical rambling for one day. Let’s focus on the good stuff; the hair accessory of any bohemian worth her weight in gypsy gold- the floral wreath.

The epitome of romance and femininity, the flower garland (or crown, wreath or halo depending on where you’re from) has been worn by women from as long ago as Ancient Rome, where they were a symbol of honor and moral virtue, through to the present day, where they’ve become little more than a bohemian fashion accessory.  But a very beautiful bohemian fashion accessory at that, and although I may be as ‘boho’ as a boot in my day to day life, I know that on my wedding day flowers shall be my hair accessory of choice as a nod to my gypsy princess fantasy life…

Here are some floral head adornments from around the wedding world that are floating my boat right now:

A bride and her maids go bold and beautiful in this English Bohemian Summer wedding from Green Wedding Shoes… (Love the pink!):

Rosie Parsons via Green Wedding Shoes

This beautiful bride’s bright blue eyes are illuminated by the blue in her wreath (see full wedding here)…

…While this bride sticks to sweet peas and couldn’t look any sweeter if she tried.

This bride is channeling 70’s hippy-chic with this simple white wreath and vintage dress…

Photographer unknown via Etsy

…And as a non-bridal image, this beautiful lady with her mane of hair (so jealous!) shows us how to sex up and rock a flower garland:

What about going the whole hog and teaming a flower crown with a veil?  This bride shows us how it’s done…

Josh Gruetzmacher Photography

I would love to do this combination for the wedding, especially if I can get a shot as lovely as the kissing one above.  I fear I may scare Paul off though, as he’s only just discovered (as this blog post has been written) that I harbour fantasies of swashbuckling in the guise of a gypsy princess…  Thankfully it’s too late for him to back out now. 😉

Of course, if I end up not being brave enough to go full-on floral crown, a simple bloom to the side of the head looks lovely and just as boho.  This lady has my dream wedding hair- length, volume, colour, style, fringe, flower… even the horse is pretty much perfect.

I’ve just died and gone to Gypsy Princess heaven.

Sama xxx

Sama x

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  1. Amanda

    Hahahaha, I share your Lord of the Rings, princess going away on a sunset fantasies, no wonder my dress inspiration came from Eowyn and Ever After (the movie with Drew Barrymore). I did not do a floral wreath, but I had 2 big natural flowers pinned to the side.


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