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I’m only slightly ashamed to admit it, but I am a hands down, can’t deny it, 100% bonafide wedding blogaholic.

I love them.  I read them every day.  Google Reader is my friend, and keeping abreast of what’s going on in the wonderful world of weddings is of utmost importance to me both as an aspiring wedding planner, and as a bride-to-be.  Not to mention the fact that I just dig weddings.

It’s all about the Real Weddings for me, but my satisfaction from the blogs comes in peaks and troughs.  Seeing so many weddings on a daily basis means you can become pretty immune to ‘the pretty’ unless something truly sensational comes along.  You start to notice the same shots, the same group poses, the same flower-in-a-vintage-teacup thing.  Absolutely nothing wrong with the flower-in-a-vintage-teacup thing (we did it for my step-sister’s wedding and it was beautiful), but as a blogaholic you can’t help but seek inspiration from the unique and the creative… and get excited when a totally awesome wedding comes along.

I don’t know if it’s that time of the month or if I’m coming out of a wedding lull, but the wedding blogs have been on fire this week, with some weddings that have got me reading, re-reading, zooming in and pinning like a mad woman.  So today I thought I’d share some of my favourites with you.  And the best news of all? They’re all UK weddings!

Here’s how a wedding blogaholic seeks inspiration for her own big day and beyond:

It’s all in the name…

Every blogger has to give their post a title, and there are certain words or phrases that will get my ears pricked and my senses tingling before I’ve even seen the first shot.  Words such as bohemian, colourful, whimsical, DIY, festival, eclectic, mis-matched, barn and glitter are bound to get me going, so when I saw a recent post from Boho Weddings called James and Jade’s Magical Woodland WeddingI was interested from the off.

What I particularly love about this wedding is the styling, both in Jade’s look (will you check out that beautiful head piece??), and the fabulous teepee which was just full of colour and life.

In the image above alone you have wooden crates, Moroccan style lamps, bunting, a basket full of flowers, fairy lights, pompoms and uplighters creating a fabulously colourful and eclectic backdrop.  It’s mis-matched, it’s festive, it’s full of life and I love it.

Inside the teepee, the couple decided to have a classic, more elegant eating area as opposed to picnic-style tables that are more commonly used in teepee weddings.  Perhaps it was to go with the ‘posh barbecue’ they enjoyed for their wedding breakfast, but the juxtaposition really works.

A seating area to die for (puts my one leather sofa to shame) and thoughtful details right the way out to the walkway; if I was to take anything from this wedding for my own, it’s that less is definitely not more!

To view this beaut of a wedding in full, click here.

The Art of Execution…

Rightly or wrongly, the word ‘theme’ has a bit of a bad reputation in the wedding world.  I happen to actually really like themed weddings… when executed to perfection.  What makes a well-executed ‘theme’?  I think choosing something that you are truly passionate about , keeping it subtle and, most importantly, being consistent.

Or, for a first class example, we can take a peek at A Gypsophilia Flower Crown for a Flower Fairy Inspired Bride from one of my favourite wedding blogs, Love My Dress.

Ok, so she totally had me at the flower crown and perfect boho wedding hair, but this girl knows how to ‘theme’ a wedding without making me want to vomit in my own mouth.

From the pretty maids and rustic dessert table, to the playing card place-names, wild flowers and giant, over-sized LOVE sign, this wedding is part bohemian decadence, part Alice in Wonderland, and a whole lot of romance and effortless pretty.

And a prize to the person who can spot the there-but-not-in-your-face toadstool?

I had to squeeze this shot in as well.  Who can’t resist a dog in a dress?  For more of this gorgeous wedding, including lots more DIY touches and a great write-up, click here.

A Humdinger of a Dress…

But my most favourite wedding of the week belongs to this Colourful DIY Party Wedding courtesy of Whimsical Wonderland Weddings.  Not only does the post title describe my own wedding (erm… I hope), but the bride is wearing a one-shouldered gold sequinned wedding dress, ladies and gentlemen.  Oh yes.  Now who doesn’t get excited by this opening shot?

Cool save-the-date, cool tea towel wedding invite… this couple are Cool with a capital ‘C’, creative and oh-so unique.

“I couldn’t possibly wear a gold wedding dress- what would my bridesmaids wear?” Erm… ivory, of course!  And let’s not forget the dapper and equally as colourful groom with his DIY buttonhole made from feathers, buttons, gold sequins and scrabble letters no less. Amazeballs.

implore you to go and ogle over the whole day which was full to the brim with colour, love, crafty details, and possibly the best guest RSVPs I have ever seen.  (This is where you may need to zoom in!)

Click here and enjoy.

So there you have it- a round-up of this week’s most inspiring real weddings.  And the fact that they’re all from the UK is just the cherry on top.

Which is your favourite?  What is your idea of a perfect real wedding?  And would anyone else out there call themselves a blogaholic, or is it just me??

Have a fab weekend one and all. And wish me luck for tomorrow… it’s Dress Decision Day, eek!

Sama xxx

Sama x