27th February 2012 . Real Weddings

A Snowy Engagement Shoot

Good morning!  Monday again, eh?  At least the weather was lovely over the weekend.  I missed the sun on Saturday as I was working (the joys of being in retail), but spent yesterday pottering in the garden; de-weeding, planting bulbs and generally trying to get it ready for Spring! Becs Viveash

But before we wrap up Winter and put it away for another year, I wanted to share a really sweet engagement shoot that is special to me for two reasons:

  1. It features the lovely faces of my step-sister, Charlotte, and her fiancé, Colin, who are getting married in August in Oxford.
  2. The lady behind the camera is Becs Viveash- a very talented photographer who is new to the wedding world, but not to photography.  She takes awesome pictures and does all sorts of beautiful things to them.  Check out her website for more.

So a couple of weekends ago I headed out of the suburbs and down to deepest Kent where my Mum lives and where the shoot was taking place.  There was no snow left in London, but piles of it still in Kent which made for some stunning images…

I love that last shot.  It looks like they’re in the middle of nowhere but it’s actually the cricket pavilion in the middle of the village.  Fortunately there was no-one about so they could pose away and not feel too self-conscious.  Both hate having their photos taken so they were extremely nervous but I think they look fantastic!  In fact, Charlotte took my tip to ‘flirt with the camera’ (and Colin) rather well I think…

Ooh, she’s a beaut.  The wedding is taking place up in Oxford, at Exeter College where Colin is currently studying for a PhD, the clever boy.  This is a bit of a coup as they only allow students past and present to get married there, so it really is a unique venue steeped in history and character.  Charlotte says the dining hall is like Hogwarts…

Told you that Becs was a talented lady.

I especially love the sheep shot.  I was driving home when I realised I’d left my engagement ring at my Mum’s (I still take it off whenever I wash my hands- dangerous), and on my way back I passed a solitary Becs on the side of the road, shooting sheep, and this little one made it’s way in to the final edit!  Would ewe believe it? (Sorry.)

Sama xxx

Sama x