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A Diet Update & An Awesome Wedding

Dear Uttersons,

I’m getting married in less than two months. In eight weeks, three days and a few hours I will be walking down the aisle to a song I haven’t yet chosen, speaking vows we haven’t yet written, gazing adoringly at Paul in a suit he hasn’t yet bought, and skipping back out of the barn under a shower of confetti… which hasn’t yet been ordered.  (Are you noticing a theme?)

I feel like I should be updating this blog every other day with so much still to do, and yet as I sit down today to write to you I realise there’s really very little to tell. It almost feels like I’m in purgatory at the moment; with all the big things ticked off the list months ago and all the little things not quite ready to be done, or in the process of being done. I’m a bad wedding blogger/planner/engaged person.

The truth is there’s so much coming up in the next few weeks that I know I’m going to be chomping at the bit to share with you. With Paul going on his Easter holidays any minute now we have LOTS to get done together in the next fortnight- vow writing, playlist creating, sign painting, suit purchasing and booze buying, not to mention a Stag Do, a Hen Do and a dress fitting. Phew!

Then there’s the mini photo shoot I’m doing to get some pictures for my website and a full report of the wedding I coordinated a couple of weeks ago (we’re still waiting for the photos). The Utter Blog has so much still to come!

What I can do today is a) thank you for your patience, and b) give you is an update on my progress with the 5:2 Diet.  Are you ready? Are you excited? You shouldn’t be.

The good news is that in two weeks I have lost 2lbs.  It’s not a big change, but it is on track for my target of 4lbs in four weeks and my tummy does feel flatter.

The bad news is that I seem to have totally lost my motivation this week. It sounds utterly ridiculous but I blame the weather! We’re all SO ready for Spring, and down here in the south we had a lovely couple of days a few weeks ago where the sun shone and people ventured out the house without 124 layers of clothing… and now we’ve descended back in to the depths of winter again with sheep being buried alive and no end in sight. Oh, it just makes you want to eat a 4-finger KitKat, bag of Doritos and a turkey and cheese sandwich on a Fast Day. Which I did on Monday. On top of my 500 calories.


I think part of the problem is that the Fasting has almost become easy. I find myself sticking to a menu of a late morning banana, half a pot of Glorious Skinny Azteca Soup for lunch, carrot sticks in the afternoon, fish and vegetables for dinner (with a sneaky spoonful of whatever carbohydrate Paul is eating) and a Hartley’s 10-calorie jelly to finish. But it’s really dull eating the same thing- even if it is only twice a week- and this week the little devil on my shoulder seems to be shouting louder than the angel on my other shoulder. And I tend to listen to whichever small, imaginary creature shouts louder. I’m a bad dieter.

So to make amends for my rather pitiful blog entry this week, I want to share with you a glorious little wedding from 100 Layer Cake which has put a big smile on my face with it’s colours, creativity and Cheshire-cat smiles. Kindred spirit, mark two?

colorful-texas-wedding-28colorful-texas-wedding-91 colorful-texas-wedding-151 colorful-texas-wedding-171 colourfultexanwedding colourfultexanwedding2

If that’s not rustic, joyous, wedding bohemia, I don’t know what is. You can see all of Paige Newton’s beautiful photos here, and be sure to check out the sweet video by Claire Eliza. Seriously, the bride’s smile is infectious.

Sama xxx

Sama x

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3 Responses to “A Diet Update & An Awesome Wedding”

  1. Amanda

    It will all go well. I think it is quite normal that the weeks before the wedding are hectic and full of errands. Like you, we set the date, booked the church and venue (which included service, linens, food and place all in one price) and got our outfits pretty early, but then the details kept us busy until the last days.
    I remember having a long to-do-list all finished up by the Wednesday before the wedding (it was on a Saturday) and I still did not stop running the whole time.
    We had the playlist done, but we were supposed to put it on USB sticks, a hard drive, Cd’s and on an Ipod for good measure and the husband was busy with that 1 night before the wedding.
    We were busy preparing the favors (miniature tequila and stroopwafels, a mix of goodies from Mexico and Holland) 2 days before the wedding, because my family (with the Tequila) had only arrived then. Picking up relatives and friends, setting up the lanterns and photobooth, getting my toenails done, picking up the macarons from the French bakery.. and dropping off “welcome packs ” for our out of town guests at their hotels were all done the day before. .
    I think there are things that you will just have to do at the end, but I promise you it will all go well. Just try to chill when possible and enjoy this time (people kept telling me that and I did not get it , but it’s true, time goes fast and you will miss this longing/waiting/exciting period).

  2. mazzimaz

    Ahhh this 5:2 thing! I am on week 3 and only 1lb down. ANNOYED! they have a good forum (if you like that sort of thing) that helps keep you motivated on the fast days. I have been guzzling down warm water with lemon that actually keeps me full, but then by the time i get in at night i am HANK MARVIN!! and then scoff my 500 calorie dinner and then about 12 rich teas. fail.
    I think the obvious results are in the “measurements” though – my work trousers always a bit tight the day after wash, but this week they were lovely loosey loose! so hopeful by the time i get my dress fitting i may still weigh the same(ish) but the bust/waist/hip inches will be smaller!
    Keep with it though, and keep us posted!

    • theutterblog

      Haha, oh this comment did make me laugh! It’s the drive home after a long day of working/fasting that definitely sends me in to a depressed/why the hell am I doing this to myself stupor. And the 12 rich tea biscuits? I hear ya, sister.


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