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An Epiphany in Personal Style: The Skater Dress

This post was meant to be quite different.  Keeping it short and sweet I was simply going to share  with you a dress I’ve had my eye on for quite a while now.  One which has had me whimpering quite pitifully as I gaze at its casual-chic silouhette, its high waist tie and its pops of electric shimmery sparkle against a nude background.  Yes, this post was going to be visual ode to the Electric Circus Strappy dress by French Connection.

Stunner of a dress by French Connection

A boho-glam concoction of coral delight, it would be perfect either as one of my bridesmaids’ dresses, or for myself to wear to a friend’s wedding later this summer… if only I could justify the £195 price tag.  But I can’t, so for the time being I will continue to gaze wistfully.

*gazes wistfully*

Anyway, delectable dress aside I found myself browsing ASOS with the view of finding something slightly more affordable- either for myself or for my bridesmaids.  In fact my eye was drawn to lots of beautiful pieces and I started ‘saving’ away- only to notice a recurring theme…

Lipsy Lace & Mesh Skater Dress from ASOS, £55

ASOS SALON Skater Dress with Applique Flower Top, £100

ASOS Lace Skater Dress with Long Fitted Sleeves, £45

Aside from the fact that it seems I can’t get enough of lace when it comes to a perfect party dress, erm… what the hell is a Skater Dress??

Completely bamboozled by this alleged merging of pretty, floaty, feminine frocks with beanie hats, nose piercings and Avril Lavigne, I googled it.

Turns out it’s a TREND, ladies and gentlemen.

Image from WHO WHAT WEAR

Also known as the ‘fit and flare’ dress, the Skater Dress is apparently reminiscent of the outfits worn by female figure skaters, combining playful hemlines and whimsical fabrics to create a beautiful feminine silhouette.  Fitted on top, nipped in at the waist and floaty at the skirt, they give the illusion of an hour-glass figure and I LOVE them.

Looking in my wardrobe I realise it’s a style I’m drawn to again and again as the high waist and floaty skirt combo makes my legs look a lot longer than they really are, whilst the fitted top goes some way to minimising my bust.  I’m particularly drawn to the turquoise and coral ASOS numbers from above which combine a lace/appliqué top with a soft, chiffon skirt as it’s a look which is young and sexy in a playful way whilst being romantic and intrinsically feminine at the same time.

In fact, add another 30″ to the skirt length and make them ivory, and you have a more than passing resemblance to the two wedding dress images I keep coming back to again and again…

‘Aria’ by Rachel Gilbert via Green Wedding Shoes

‘Lihi’ by Mira Zwillinger via Wedding Inspirasi

One is no longer made and the other is more than three times over my budget.  Go figure.

So what do you reckon? With the realisation that skater dresses are the dogs bollocks and with such a clear idea of what I want to wear on my wedding day, do I bite the bullet and have something made???

Answers on a postcard… please!

Sama xxx

Sama x

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  1. Nikki

    I love the look of skater dresses, but somehow they rarely look right on me – I keep buying them and then returning a few days later because I just don’t learn! The Lihi dress is stunning though; I bookmarked that early into my engagement before realising the price and nearly fainting…

    • theutterblog

      Oh yes, nearly £6k would make you do that!. I made the mistake of trying it on DESPITE knowing the price tag… stupid, stupid girl. I think with skater dresses (and all fashion in fact!) it’s half body shape and half personality. You might look great in something but not realise because it’s not ‘you’. Or vice versa, you wish you could look good in a particular style but you just haven’t got the right shape! Sigh…

      Thanks for your comment Nikki, hope the wedding planning’s going well xx

  2. Amanda

    You’re such a Skater Girl, she said see ya later girl…..!
    It really is your bag, bite that bullet xx

  3. shonaidale

    I came across your post while googling for an explanation of what exactly a “skater dress” is after I’d just bought one. Now that I know what the style is I completely agree that they’re lovely.


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