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A Warm Welcome

I’m expecting a trickle of new visitors to The Utter Blog today as my first post has gone live on the You and Your Wedding website!  I’m on the homepage and everything!  ‘Tis very exciting…

So if you are a new reader and fellow bride-to-be, or if you’re one of the many international visitors who stumble across my humble blog when searching for something a little more obscure (‘fringe porn’ remains the highest ranking search term for this blog, you filthy buggers- read on for clarification), or if you’ve been compelled to visit today for whatever reason… WELCOME.

Why don’t you make yourself a cup of tea and have a little look around? There’s nothing profound or particularly innovative here.  It is unequivocally and unashamedly a blog about me, but if you are getting married as well, or if you too have a ginger cat called Lenny, or if you simply like wedding stuff, I’m sure you will find something of interest 🙂

I’ve written about all sorts in the past couple of months…  Some of my personal favourite posts are:

  • Insider Know-How: Dress Shopping I give my tuppence worth on what to expect when searching for your wedding dress. Hints and tips galore, folks.
  • Made for Maids: The Case for Individuality & Style Is the matchy-matchy look a thing of the past?  I talk bridesmaids outfits in this (slightly controversial) post.
  • The Great Big Wedding Fall-Out The post that started it all.  My man and I started arguing within a week of getting engaged… did you??
  • Friday Fringe Porn Unintentionally disappointing ‘fringe porn’ googlers across the globe (I have no idea what it is either), I got a little over-excited about brides who sported a wedding day fringe. Warning: this post contains some seriously beautiful images.

And there’s so much more… (That category cloud on the right-hand side is pretty good as a starting point.  Pick a category, any category!)

I get so excited I do a little jig every time someone bothers to input their details and leave a comment- so please do if you have something to say! I don’t bite, honest.  And if you want to keep up with regular updates, you can follow me on Twitter, or you can ‘like’ The Utter Blog on Facebook.  Both make me incredibly happy.

I hope you enjoy…

Sama xxx

Sama x

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