20th June 2012 . Pleasure Private Bits

A Mid-Week “Hello!”

Dear Reader, I have not disappeared off the face of the earth.  I have merely been beset by a common cold which has rendered me groggy and useless and full of snot.

However, I can see the light and will be back tomorrow with an EPIC post about Hen Dos.  (Well, there’s nothing like bigging yourself up.)

In the meantime, check out my pretty nails…

And matching toes!

I never do matching fingers and toes but with glittery dove grey pretties such as these I just couldn’t resist.  It’s Rimmel 805 Grey Matter with Rimmel 500 Disco Ball on top.

Oh and when I’d had enough of sitting in the sun painting my nails I headed inside and made the nicest chocolate brownies I have ever eaten.

White and milk chocolate chunks, folks.  They were immense.  See the 5-star BBC Good Food recipe here.

I’m off to get ready for work.  Yes, despite being beset by the common cold I am forging on.  There are brides out there who need me.

Back with a vengeance tomorrow!

Sama xxx

Sama x