2nd April 2012 . Amazing Wedding Fashion + Beauty

A Make-Up Trial with Hazel Burford

Hello, and a very happy Monday to you!  I write this slightly weary after a busy weekend which involved a last-minute attempt at mastering a Leeds accent for an acting auditon, an Anne Summers party, two nights of drinking on the trot, a full Saturday in the bridal shop, a major house clean and Sainsbury’s.  On top of all that, I got to have my face made up by a very lovely lady called Hazel Burford– although I’d hardly call this particular aspect of my weekend ‘taxing’…

The make-up trial came about partly due to a collaboration with the bridal boutique, but mainly because I am a bride-to be 🙂  (Albeit a very eager bride-to-be, having a make-up trial more than a year in advance!)  In the past I have always advocated the use of a make-up artist to others on their wedding day, but I was unsure if I would end up taking my own advice, as I do enjoy doing my own make-up- and no-one can ever do your mascara as well as yourself!

So, intrigued (and a little bit excited), on Friday afternoon I made my way to Hazel’s lovely flat on the Isle of Dogs to have some fun with my face…

*Now, I do feel the need to make some sort of disclaimer here.  Despite me having a snazzy new camera, neither Hazel nor I are photographers, so please excuse the less-than professional photos.*

Bare-faced chic, a.k.a zero make-up.

My ‘brief’ for Hazel was quite specific.  I didn’t want to go au naturel and look like I wasn’t wearing any make-up, but on the other hand I didn’t want to  go too dramatic á la Catherine Zeta Jones (who I thought wore way too much on her wedding day!).  When I get dolled up I tend to do the 60’s thing; all winged eye-liner and nude lips.  I wanted that… but done professionally.  Oh, and with coral lips please, as opposed to nude or pink.

The halfway stage

Primer, foundation, highlighter, concealer, blusher, eye shadow, liner and lips applied, I’m very nearly done.  Hazel suggested navy liner rather than black or brown as it can intensify brown eyes apparently!  All that’s missing is mascara and some individual lashes…

And... tada!! (Scary close-up alert)

I have never used individual lashes before but I loved them.  I don’t know if you can tell from the photo above but we experimented with different lengths- the eye on the right has the short length (for volume) and the eye on the left has the medium length (for a little bit more ‘flutter’).  They were a tad painful when they came off in the evening, and I was worried I’d end up taking my real eyelashes off with them, but they definitely help to make your eyes pop that little bit more.

Back on the balcony for a final headshot.

Overall, I was very chuffed with the end result.  I looked like me… but me on a pretty good day, which is what every bride wants after all!  And I am pleased to say that even with the trial completed by around 2.30pm, it lasted right through to my ‘date night’ with Paul, with just a re-application of lipstick needed.  How do make-up artists do that??

The products used were:

  • MAC Prep + Prime
  • Porcelain foundation, Bobbi Brown
  • Porcelain concealer, Bobbi Brown
  • MAC ‘Something Special’ cremeblend blush
  • Rimmel bronzer
  • Urban Decay ‘Naked 2’ eye palette
  • Gel ink liner in ‘Sapphire’, Bobbi Brown
  • Crystal sheer lipstick in ‘Coral’, KIKO (a brand that comes highly recommended by Hazel)
  • Bourgeois Volume Clubbing mascara
  • Eylure Individual False Eyelashes

And whilst we were at it, I thought I’d ask Hazel some all-important make-up questions…

The lady in question...

So Hazel, what made you want to be a make-up artist?

If I’m honest, I have always been very girly! I used to really enjoy getting make-up, hair and beauty products as gifts. Once I started to experiment and play about with make-up, I could see how different you could make yourself look and thought that was amazing!

How did you get started?

I trained at the famous Greasepaint school back in 2005. I thought it was THE BEST thing I’d ever done; 9-5 learning about make-up- amazing! I did the ‘fashion make-up and hair’ course which focuses on make-up throughout different eras, and how it can be used to inspire new looks.  The school has an agency which helps their students get work experience once they have finished the course, and I found this invaluable.  Over the years I have worked on lots of different projects, including TV, short films, music videos, magazine, catwalk (London Fashion Week, and The Designer Wedding Show) and bridal projects… it’s been fantastic.

What’s the biggest difference between fashion and bridal, and which do you prefer?

I think the real difference is be the potential for ‘free creativity’!!! On fashion shoots the MUA is given a brief to follow, but there are plenty of occasions when you can go wild and use your imagination. With bridal make-up this is often not the case. Brides are pretty sure how they wish to look, and it is up to the artist to create the look for them. However, girls are often very keen to get your advice on colours and textures during the trial.  And, of course, the basics of achieving beautiful, natural, glowing skin is the same!

What is the most-requested bridal look?

Most girls have read in magazines that it’s ‘important to look yourself’ and be a ‘natural beauty’. I agree with both of these ideas in principle of course! You don’t want to be unrecognisable in wedding photos!! However, I think some people forget that make-up is less visible in photos, and so you do need a little extra touch than your day-to-day look. I think people basically want to look the best version of themselves, which is exactly what a makeup artist should be offering.

Do you have a particular ‘look’ (bridal or non) that you like doing best?

Smokey eyes, in all shades are nice. Don’t restrict yourself to thinking smokey means grey though! Purple and green look fabulous as well.

What are your top 3 beauty and make-up products?

Good under eye concealer is ESSENTIAL – Bobbi Brown is my favourite.  Slapping foundation under your eyes and calling it ‘job done’ is not the way! Nice blusher in a creamy texture instantly adds a fresh, dewy tone to the skin- MAC and NARS offer beautiful colours and textures to suit everyone. And thirdly, it’s not make-up, but for your skin to really look great, you need well cared for, moisturised skin– face and eyes! I’m loving Neal’s Yard and Liz Earle right now, amazing scents and great skin care ranges.

And finally, what advice would you give to brides in the lead-up to their Big Day?

This follows on nicely from above… get your skin looking it’s very, very best. Make sure you REMOVE all make-up EVERY night.  Cleanse carefully and exfoliate regularly.  Dry skin makes foundation look patchy- not what you want! Use a moisturiser in the day with spf, and a nourishing night cream. Use eye cream morning and night. At your trial make sure you have thought about how you would like to look, and specifically how you would NOT like to look. This means that your make-up artist can create a look for you, following your ideas.  Take photos from magazines if you’re not sure or can’t express exactly what you like. Also, at your trial it might be a good idea to take a note of the lip products the artist used (assuming you like them!) so you can buy and re-apply on the day.  After that, I think you’ll be all set!

… Some very wise advice at the end there.  I wanted to re-apply that lovely KIKO lipstick before I went out for the evening but couldn’t, so I’ll be sure to buy my own for the wedding day itself!

I would whole-heartedly recommend Hazel for any MUA needs.  Skilled and knowledgeable, she’s incredibly sweet and friendly to boot.  To find out more, you can visit her website here.

Phew! That was a long one.  Hope you enjoyed… Anyone got any make-up tales to tell? Good or bad?!

Sama xxx

Sama x