8th January 2014 . Private Bits

A Little Bit of Self Indulgence Never Hurt Nobody

So I asked and you answered.

I tell you, if you ever need a pick-me-up, spend 22 months writing and developing a personal wedding blog, create a little survey to see what your readers think of it, and spend a leisurely Christmas break reading the answers and feeling humbled/more than a little smug. Oh wait- you want an instant hit? Wine. All the way.

In all seriousness though, you lot were too nice with your Survey of Dreams answers. I spent a lot of time towards the end of last year worrying that I wasn’t posting often enough, or that the recent demise of blog comments was a result of dodgy content. Turns out that you’re pretty happy with the blog as it is, and bar the odd want or constructive critique, I just need to keep it up! Sweet.

Here’s what else the Survey of Dreams revealed…

re: the (ir)regularity of my blog posts

Fortunately for me, the majority of you are happy with the occasional and often sporadic nature of my posting. If you did want more, it’s only because you enjoy it so much which can’t be a bad thing! There are quite a few wise old owls amongst you who pointed out that fewer posts of a higher quality were much better than churning out shite for the hell of it. None of you actually wrote ‘shite’ though- you’re far more classy than I.

re: my content

I love those of you who just ticked that you liked everything and/or wrote in the Other section: ‘I love all of it’. You’re so my favourites. But it turns out the rest of you are wedding nuts like me, and love (in order) Wondrous Weddings, Operation Amazing Wedding and my Private Bits best.  (Not my actual private bits though. That would be weird.) And there was I thinking I’d already milked my own wedding for everything it was worth, but no, you want me to continue spouting on about something that happened last year (sob!). Oh, if you say so.

In terms of the content you don’t like so much, a few of you haven’t been so keen on certain fashion posts or private bits, but appreciate that it’s a subjective thing. Diplomatic, wise… I have the best readers.

re: future posts

This was a real treasure trove of answers! I was very pleasantly surprised to see that so many of you are keen to see more on interiors and general pretty. I’ve become a bit house-obsessed of late too, and with a move planned for this year (our house goes on the market next week- eek!), I’m excited to expand on that side of things.

Others requested more posts on the practical side of wedding planning- how to overcome certain wedding dilemmas, budget breakdowns, stories from suppliers etc. All I can say is you’ve inspired me, Uttersons. Watch this space.

re: why you read The Utter Blog

Ok, I admit- this question was largely to give my ego a boost. But with 78% answering that you read because you like my writing, I now believe that I could be the next Poet Laureate. Or at least a Richard and Judy Book Club winner. The rest of you are either loyal and been in it from the beginning, nosy/curious about me and my life shenanigans, or getting married and looking for wedding inspiration. None of you had added me to their reading list and forgotten to take me off. THANK GOD.

re: who the hell you are

I was pleased to see that the majority of you are engaged and currently planning your own Operation Amazing Wedding. ‘Tis the impetus for a wedding blog after all. But the already-marrieds and hoping-to-be-engageds weren’t far behind, which is just fine by me. Gives me all the more reason to talk about houses and other things that young(ish) women have an interest in. And of course a shout out to those who are single or in a relationship but have no intention of getting married any time soon. As long as I interest you in some way or another, my Utter Blog is your Utter Blog.

In 2014 there'll be love. And neon. (No really.)

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re: your final thoughts

It was truly a pleasure to read each and every one of your survey responses. And whether it was wishes for a Merry Christmas or insights in to badgers (you know who you are), there wasn’t one final thought that didn’t make me either chuckle, well up, or say ‘Ahhhhhhh’ whilst grinning at Paul like a loon. A number of you thanked me- which I really wasn’t expecting. To know that I have inspired someone’s wedding or provided some sort of literary entertainment over the last year or so is bloody brilliant and I thank YOU for coming back week on week, for reading and commenting and sharing and generally being the inspiration for my sporadic ramblings.

Right, this is becoming dangerously close to gushiness and self-indulgence. Oh wait, I’ve already gone there.

Basically, I feel revived, rejuvenated, renewed, revitalised and all the other words beginning with ‘re’. I have ideas coming out of every orifice, and now I just need to find the time to put them in to blog posts! (Ahem.)

2014, let’s do it.

Sama xxx

Sama x