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7 Beauteous Blooms: Spicy Brights

Spicy brights.

Anyone who read my last post on nailing a colour scheme¬†will know it’s my phrase of the moment, but it also happens to be my favourite colour combination and my happy place, so when I saw this bridal bouquet on Green Wedding Shoes a couple of days ago I practically fainted. Or at least I definitely swooned with delight.

Flowers: Siren Floral Co // Image: Tyler Branch

Flowers: Siren Floral Co // Image: Tyler Branch

Isn’t that one of the most beautiful things you’ve ever seen? For me, I think that is verging on floral perfection. I love the dense central arrangement of roses, poppies and anenomes in luscious reds, pinks and purples, the delicately cascading greenery, the touches of peach and ivory that soften and calm, and then those two little blue cornflowers in the top corner. If I could kiss the screen I would. In fact I have. (Don’t tell anyone.)

Here are 6 more spicy bright bouquets to inspire, delight and warm the cockles on this sunny but fresh Friday…

1. Pink peonies and a vivid assortment of blooms in citrus brights; this wild and bohemian bouquet packs a pretty gorgeous punch:

2. Wowser bombowser! Oversized and abundant, this peach and red ombre concoction verges on over the top… but it is a stunning creation none-the-less:

Flowers: Jodi Duncan // Image: Stephie Photography

Flowers: Jodi Duncan // Image: Stephie Photography

3. This is sweetness and light in a bouquet. Colourful, pretty and utterly bijou¬†(Paul’s least favourite word), I could happily look at this one all day:

4. This compact, pop art inspired number is not to my usual taste, but you can’t not admire the artistry behind it, and those yellow billy balls put a smile on my face every time I see them.

5. An assortment of roses, tulips and peonies in several shades of pinks and peach. Super luscious, super sweet and super, super pretty:

6. And last but by no means least we have a veritable feast of spicy brights featuring all my favourites: peonies, protea, astilbe, roses, daisies, billy balls and more. ‘Tis an absolute beauty and pretty much the exact bouquet I’d have at my wedding. Oh wait, it is the exact bouquet I had at my wedding! Lucky me.

So tell me readers, which of these blooms would you want to carry down the aisle if you were getting married today? Which gets your Friday vote? And are there any brides-to-be out there who will be holding their own spicy bright bouquet in the near future…?

Have a beautiful weekend all.

Sama xxx

Sama x