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2014, You Were… Challenging

Dear 2014,

I tried Interesting, Unpredictable, Up & Down… but I think Challenging sums you up best. We all knew you had big boots to fill after the scha-mazing year that was 2013, but I remember starting the year with renewed vigour following The Survey of Dreams in which I asked my readers to send as many compliments my way as they could (which they did, because they’re good like that). I posted four times back in January. FOUR TIMES! I must have been taking something.

Then of course, you decided to drop trow and take an enormous dump on my head in the form of a small medical drama. Life was kind of put on hold throughout February and March, but I’m pretty bad-ass when it comes to being knocked, so I was soon back on my feet and ploughing my energies in to what was set to be a busy, vibrant, non-stop spring/summer.

There was a house move! A 1-year anniversary! A 3oth birthday! A trip to Ibiza! Seven superlative Utterly Wow weddings! To say I was knackered come September is an understatement. I attended a couple of weddings as a guest (bliss!), I read house magazines, I ate. In fact I enjoyed taking time out so much, I’ve struggled to get my proactive mojo back if I’m completely honest. The autumn months have been all about getting my head down and working hard at the boutique and at home where we’ve been cracking on with small DIY and decorating jobs. I’m very pleased (and slightly aghast) to say that I’m very nearly full for wedding bookings next year. Christmas is two sleeps away and I have a whole five days off work in which we will be visiting various family groups, playing a ridiculous amount of games much to Paul’s horror, and eating (and drinking) to excess. I’m looking forward to it immensely.

So life is pretty good, if a little repetitive. The event back in February did cast a shadow over the year as a whole, 2014, I have to admit. You’ve been fantastic in some ways but taxing in others, and I’m not going to miss you. Soz.

I hope 2015 has a little something up it’s sleeve for me. I kind of feel like life is on hold until it does, if you know what I mean. But until then there is much to look forward to. I have two close friends set to marry in 2015 (one of which I am bridesmaid for and have a FIT dress to wear), another magnificently busy Utterly Wow season, and Paul and I celebrate a whole DECADE of being in luuurve (bleurgh). We might do New York, we might do Paris, I’m not sure. Either way I’ve demanded that this is the year he will pull his finger out and whisk me away somewhere- which, surprisingly he nodded like a defeated man and said ‘It’s time’ to. (Spending money, holidays and surprises are just not words you associate with my husband.)

So I’m not making any resolutions. I’m not going to promise to blog more or drink less, although I would like to do both. I AM going to get my mojo back though- I can feel the distant waters beginning to bubble and swell- and I have a personal Utterly Wow-related goal that I would like to have achieved by the end of the year. I’m going to continue spending my hard-earned cash on pretty things for the house and updating you with my room-by-room progress. And I’m going to start dancing again. Because I’ve been saying it for years and because Caroline Flack has inspired me.

So I shall see you on the other side, darling Uttersons. I hope your last days of 2014 are filled with festive cheer, warm, fuzzy feelings and endless rounds of charades.

Have a Caroline Flack epic showdance on me.

Much love,

Sama xxx

Sama x

5 Responses to “2014, You Were… Challenging”

  1. Kat

    Ah Sama, you’ve been a trooper this year. I just know that 2015 will bring you the joy you deserve. Look forward to seeing the house progress and many a fit wedding x

  2. Aisling

    Hi Sama, I just found your blog and I am in love! I am working my way through your archives (admittedly in a somewhat erratic fashion) and having a fabulous time of it. Wishing you a fabulous year in 2015 x


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